Friday, 26 September 2014

VLC download free latest version

VLC Media Player is an open source application that gives the ability to play media from your computer or disk.
Download free VLC

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Monday, 8 September 2014

Free download Ms power point

MS Power Point

Microsoft power point is application software. This application software is provided by Microsoft Corporation which enables the user to present his ideas and thought in the form of slides.Free download Ms word

Features of MS power point


            Presentation is an important feature of Microsoft power point which enables the user to express his thought in the presentation.

2.Auto content wizard:

            Ms Power point provides the facility of auto content wizard which helps the user to prepare his presentation step by steps help.

3.Text and picture formatting:

            Ms power point also provide the facility to arrange of text and picture formatting using which the user conformed his text and pictures at his requirement

4. Wide range view:

            It provides a wide range of view to facilitate the user in order to prepare and maintain his presentation for use.

5. Styles:

The user can use his custom and built their style to enhance attraction.

6. A slide transition:

            Ms Power point enables the user to use different animation for transition. In order to make presentation beautiful.

 7. Animation & option:

            A wide range of animation options is available in Ms Power point for text and pictures.

8. Presentation preview:

            Ms Power point facilitates the users to have a view of presentation to go.

9. High compatible:

            Ms Power point is high compatible with all other application software and operating system.

10. Good performance:

a          It is provides a good performance during presentation.

11. Presentation & automation:

            It provides the timing facility for user to outcome his presentation.

12. Macros:

            Its task is performed represent in Ms power point user can automate the task by using macro.

13. Design templates:

            In order to enhance beauty of presentation the user can use the built in design templates are create their own templates are create their own templates.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Free download Ms word


Ms Word is most  popular and commonly used word processing program  used for creating documents like as letters, learning activities,brochures,tests,quizzes and student assignments. Microsoft word make  it easier to learn for students, businesspersons and many other peoples  with many powerful features.  Free download Ms word
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ms excel

Ms Excel is a Microsoft office application,Excel is commonly used for making calculations and mathematical operations.Ms excel is a spread sheet application.It consist of rows & columns &cells and every cell has different address.

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